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JTC Course Navigation Page Development



Instructional Designer

Front-end Developer



Computational Thinking


Creative Mind

UX Design

In response to the need for JTC students to have a more streamlined and user-friendly experience with their course modules and materials in the learning management system (LMS), a comprehensive redesign of the front page was deemed necessary. As the main instructional designer assigned to this project, I played a pivotal role in its development from inception to completion.

Using my expertise in web design and instructional technology, I developed a detailed plan to create a new front page that would address the identified issues and enhance the overall user experience. This involved meticulously designing the layout, navigation structure, and visual elements to ensure optimal usability and engagement.

In order to implement the design into the learning management system (LMS), a thorough analysis was conducted to determine the suitable programming language. Drawing upon my proficiency in HTML and CSS, I carefully crafted the necessary codes. Leveraging the power of Bootstrap, a widely-used CSS framework, I ensured responsiveness and compatibility across various devices and screen sizes. This allowed JTC students to seamlessly access and navigate their course modules, materials, and additional resources from any device, be it a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.

Throughout the development process, I maintained a strong focus on user-centered design principles and accessibility. I conducted iterative testing and gathered feedback from various team members, incorporating their valuable insights to refine and improve the front page. This iterative approach ensured that the final product met the specific needs and preferences of the intended user base.





Overall, the newly developed front page emerged as an intuitive, visually appealing, and highly functional gateway for JTC students within the LMS. It offered a streamlined and organized view of their course schedules, modules, assignment information and other learning materials, facilitating a cohesive and efficient learning experience.

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