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JTC Job Search Video Project


Leading Instructional Designer

(E-learning Content Developer)


Instructional Design

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Video & Audio Recording



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The JTC Job Search Video project had a primary objective of providing comprehensive guidance to adult students on conducting a successful job search. Justice Through Code (JTC) program at Columbia Business School, this project specifically focused on supporting formerly incarcerated individuals in their career change and transition into the tech field. As an integral part of the JTC program, this project entailed the creation of a series of four instructional videos that offered step-by-step instructions to students, empowering them to effectively search, evaluate, and prioritize potential employers. These videos were designed to equip JTC participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the job market confidently and secure meaningful employment opportunities.

The content were developed based on the LAMP list, originally innovated by Steve Delton, adapting it to better align with the unique demographics and skill levels of the JTC students. The four videos we developed provided a comprehensive and step-by-step guide, empowering students to effectively navigate the job search journey within the tech industry.

Collaboration was a key component of this project's success. In my role on this project, I had the privilege of leading various aspects of the video creation process. I worked closely with my colleague, providing guidance and support from start to end, ensuring that the videos were produced to the highest quality standards and aligned with the overall goals of the JTC program.

1. Storyboarding

I collaborated with the team to develop a detailed storyboard, ensuring that the content was well-structured and engaging for the target audience. This involved carefully mapping out the flow of information, visual elements, and key messages to effectively communicate the necessary steps and strategies for successful job searching.

2. Production & Editing

Throughout the production phase, I provided valuable feedback and guidance to my colleagues, leveraging my expertise in instructional design and understanding of the JTC program's objectives. This involved reviewing draft scripts, storyboards, and video prototypes, offering insights to enhance clarity, engagement, and instructional effectiveness.

Additionally, I took on the responsibility of audio recording for the videos, ensuring clear and professional narration that would complement the visual content and guide students through the key concepts and actions required for a successful job search.

The final outcome was a series of four impactful videos that offered a comprehensive and tailored guide to students within the JTC program. The video helped students equipping with the knowledge and confidence to effectively embark on their job search journey within the tech field.

Example of storyboard

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